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NG Boiler

  • Boiler guarantee of 2 years against manufacturing faults.
  • Approved designs and quality accepted by European standards.
  • All valves, instruments, and fittings on the boiler are of European and Turkish origin.
  • Designed on the latest European standards that is EN 12953 with the efficiency of 9495 % with economizer.
  • Most efficient Corrugated furnace design made of HII / DIN 17175 European Standards.
  • Largest manufacturing capacity in Southeast Anatolia Region,
  • High Capacity Steam Boilers, Superheated Oil and Superheated Water Boilers, Hot Water Boilers.
  • 000m² manufacturing establishment.
  • Export 40 % of manufacturing abroad: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria, South Africa, Sudanese, Georgia, Moldavia, Libya, Lebanon, Cyprus, Fas, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Dubai,
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▪ OBSK Series has an international Scotch Type design.
Each Phase of the manufacturing process; quality control is applied in accordance with the related
directive 97/23 EEC, EN-12953.
High-quality steel for body and seamless special boiler tubes are used in manufacture.
Wide Capacity range up to 24 ton/h steam.
Wide design pressure ranges up to 20 bar.
Large water volume and optimum thermal balance cause long-life usage.
Perfect combustion with low NOx.
The front door is coated with a special refractory material durable up to 1300 ᵒC.
Very effective and durable front door design for easy cleaning and with no leakage.
Sight glass valve for flame control just on the explosion door.
Low specific load rate supplies long-term economical usage and low fuel consumption.
Because of the low consumption of fuel, it is environmentally friendly.
Checked by radiographic scanning.
Hydraulic test is applied.
The furnace is corrugated.
Economizer and Superheater are optional.

Regulation and safety instruments (control collector, electronic level control device, limit pressure
switch, safety probes, safety pressure switch, spring loaded safety valves)
Pump group (Pumps, Strainers, Non-return valves, isolating valves)
Water level indicator
Pressure gauge
Main Steam stop valve
Blow down valves
Air vent valve
Control Panel
Burner (liquid or gaseous or dual burner)

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